Car Rental in Netanya: Hourly and Daily Options with GoTo

Discover the simplicity of car rental in Netanya with GoTo, the user-friendly service that's changing the way people move around the city and beyond.

Whether you need a vehicle for an hour or the entire day, GoTo offers a flexible solution that fits right into your schedule.
GoTo Car Rental in Netanya

Why Choose GoTo for Your Transportation Needs?

In the fast-growing city of Netanya, traffic and car ownership costs are on the rise. GoTo provides an affordable alternative, perfect for those short city trips where owning a car doesn't make financial sense.

With GoTo's app, you can easily locate an available car near you and pay only for the time you use.

Car rental in Netanya: Why GoTo is Your Best Choice?

Choosing a shared car with GoTo over owning one can often be more cost-effective, especially when owning a car just for a few city trips seems too expensive.

Typically, a single GoTo car serves 7-10 families, significantly cutting down expenses like maintenance, insurance, and depreciation, which are inevitable with personal car ownership.

It's not a secret that a regular car spends over 23 hours a day parked on the road, unused. That's a lot of wasted time and money.

With GoTo's car rental in Netanya, you pay only when you use the car – a practical solution for city living where every shekel and minute counts. Why bear the cost of a car sitting idle, when you can have one at your service just when you need it?

Using GoTo: Easy, Flexible, and Efficient

The beauty of GoTo lies in its simplicity and efficiency.

First, a simple registration process through the GoTo app puts Netanya car rentals right at your fingertips.

Then, booking a car is just as easy. You can schedule your vehicle weeks in advance or grab one on the go, with the freedom to cancel for free up to 6 hours before your trip.

Our fleet is strategically placed across Netanya, ensuring there’s always a car within reach. The flexibility to prebook and the assurance of knowing that a vehicle will be available when you need it, make GoTo a preferred choice for car rental in Netanya.

How to use GoTo?

GoTo makes it easy to register and hit the road fast.
You can register in just minutes. Our digital process is quick, with no paperwork or long waits.
Book a Car
Once you're registered, you can book your car. With GoTo, plan trips ahead or book for immediate use. Choose what suits you best.
Choice of Cars
Check out our range of vehicles and pick the one that fits your needs. We have compact city cars, family vehicles and cargo vans.
Pick Up & Return
With GoTo, you don't deal with complex logistics. Pick up your car at the designated spot and return it there when finished.
Inspect for Damages
Before you head out, check the car for any existing damage. Use our app to report it.
Fueling a GoTo Car
Our rates already factor in the fuel cost. If you're running low on gas, stop at any gas station along the way for a refill at no extra charge.

Diverse Use Cases of GoTo Car Rental in Netanya

The versatility of GoTo's service in Netanya caters to a wide range of activities.
  • Effortless Errands and Shopping Trips with GoTo

    With GoTo, your everyday tasks just got a lot easier. Just hop in one of our cars and zip around Netanya with ease. Whether it's a quick supermarket run or multiple stops around the city, our flexible car rental service is perfect for your daily shopping and errand needs.
  • Explore Netanya's Natural Beauty with GoTo

    Surrounded by stunning nature reserves, Netanya offers scenic drives just a short distance from the city. With GoTo, plan a weekend getaway to local hotels, and nature reserves, or simply enjoy a day at the beach. Our service is especially handy during weekends when public transportation is limited.
  • Ideal for Business Commuters

    Netanya's large industrial and business areas draw numerous workers daily. GoTo's car rental service is perfect for commuters, offering a stress-free alternative to finding parking and navigating through traffic. Move around the city with ease and comfort.

GoTo – Your Trusted Car Rental in Netanya

GoTo isn't just a local name; it's a trusted service operating across major cities in Israel and abroad, known for dependable, high-quality service.

Ready to Go?

Signing up for GoTo now. The process is quick and straightforward. Select a car through our app, and it'll be ready for you, fuelled, insured, and with a reserved parking spot at the pickup point.

Together, we're not just good. We're good to go!

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