GoTo Coupons Regulations

General: The subscribers of GoTo, operated by GoTo Global Mobility Ltd. (hereinafter: "The Company"), are eligible from time to time, at the sole discretion of the company, to a benefit in the form of a coupon which acts as "travel credit" to be used as payment for travel time and/or travel distance (km) only, as part of GoTo services, all or part of thereof, in accordance with the company's decision from time to time (hereinafter: "Travel Credit"), all in accordance with the conditions set forth in this regulations document and subject to its instructions.

1.           The company may, at its sole discretion, determine the travel credit amounts of each coupon and the conditions applicable to the granting, use and validity of the travel credits provided under the coupon, as well as change them from time to time by amending these regulations.
2.           There are coupons with travel credit in face value (for example: NIS 20) and there are coupons with travel credit in percentages (for example: 30%) for the subscriber’s next trip only (except in the case of a specific coupon about which it is stated otherwise in specific advertisments). It is clarified that the stated amount of credit the subscriber will receive refers to the travel time only and/or travel time and travel distance (km) components only, and not to any other component, . This should not limit the company from issuing additional types of coupons, at its full discretion.
3.           The coupon will be used by entering the coupon code on the credits screen in the app, or as part of the registration process (for new subscribers). After entering the aforementioned code, the subscriber will be shown the validity of the coupon in the app. It should be emphasized that the mere receipt of the coupon code does not guarantee that the coupon will be redeemable (for example, some coupons are limited to a certain number of users, and after an allotted quantity had been entered it will no longer be possible to enter them). The company may stop/cancel the use of this or that coupon at any time, as long as the subscriber has not entered it in the app and received confirmation that the coupon is valid.
4.           Each coupon has a deadline for using the travel credit in the coupon, and there may also be a deadline for entering it into the app (or the company's website, with coupons where this is possible) after which the coupon will expire. It is clarified that the above deadlines refer to 23.59 on the stated date. It should be specified that the deadline for using the travel credit in the coupon refers to the date when the trip ends, that means that even if the trip started on the last day to use the travel credit before 23.59, but ended after 00.00 (midnight) the following day, no travel credit will be redeemed for the completed trip, and the travel credit will no longer be usable, due to the expiration of the coupon. Without detracting from the above, the company reserves the right to cancel a coupon without an expiration date in the event that it is not used in full within a period of time that exceeds 7 days from its entry into the app (or the company's website, with coupons where this is possible).
5.           Travel credit under the coupon is only valid for GoTO Services trips and is only redeemable for travel time only and/or travel distance (km) only. Without detracting from the generality of the above, the travel credit cannot be used for subscription fees or any other payments. This contract is personal and is non-transferrable to another subscriber.
6.           The travel credit in the coupon cannot be exchanged for cash, refunded or any other credit.
7.           Company records, and/or the records of anyone on its behalf, will be decisive evidence in everything related to the delivery and/or reception and/or processing of data and/or details in connection with the redemption of the coupon, and no claim will be made regarding the correctness and/or accuracy of the details, including amounts of credits, deadlines, etc.
8.           A former subscriber of the company who received a coupon that has not yet been redeemed, in part or in full, and has ceased to be a subscriber of the company, will not be able to continue using the coupon, and the coupon will expire as soon as he ceases to be a subscriber.
9.           If the company, at its sole discretion, detects or has a reasonable suspicion that a subscriber is abusing the travel credit given to him, or that the travel credit was granted under wrong conditions, in which it should not have been granted, the company will have the right to cancel any remaining balance of travel credit and/or to charge the subscriber the amount paid using travel credit.
10.       The company reserves the right to change or update this document at any time, at its sole discretion and without prior notice. For any question or inquiry please contact our customer service line at *8255.
11.       The company reserves the right to determine and/or change and/or extend and/or shorten the period of eligibility for redeeming of coupons and/or redeeming the travel credit and/or canceling it for any reason whatsoever and subscribers will have no right to claim and/or any demand against the company and/or anyone on its behalf for that.
12.       In the event of a conflict between the provisions of these regulations and another publication regarding the redemption of the company's travel credit coupons, the provisions of these regulations shall prevail. This, except in the event that the travel credit coupon is given to a subscriber as part of a specific promotion conducted by the company, in which case its terms will be subject to the terms of said promotion and these regulations, however, to the extent that it is found that there is a conflicting provision between these regulations and the regulations of the specific promotion, the provisions of the regulations of the specific promotion will prevail. Everything stated in the regulations which refers to "male" form also refers to "female" form, and vice versa.
13.       The exclusive local jurisdiction for any matter concerning the benefit and/or the interpretation of the provisions of these regulations is exclusively given to the Competent Court of Law in Tel Aviv-Jaffa.
Errors and Omissions Excepted

In the event of a conflict between the provisions of these translated regulations and the Hebrew version of these regulations, the provisions of the Hebrew version will prevail.