Car Rental Jerusalem: Simplify Your Travel with GoTo

Looking for a car rental in Jerusalem? Whether you are a resident or a visitor in Jerusalem, GoTo offers the perfect car rental options for you. Our flexible service lets you rent a car for an hour or the entire day including weekends, catering to all your needs.

Explore Jerusalem's historic charm and vibrant streets with ease. Go from university campuses to lively markets, or the train station to the famous Western Wall without any hassle. GoTo lets you enjoy the city's unique blend of past and present, all on your schedule and in your comfort.

How GoTo Car Rental Works

Renting a car in Jerusalem is now as simple as a few taps on your phone.
Here’s how you can quickly get on the road with GoTo:

The process is entirely digital and very fast, so you can get on the road quickly. All you need is a driving license and a credit card.

Choose a car you need:
Look through our different vehicle models and choose the one that fits your needs. We have small cars for the city, bigger cars for families, and vans for transporting large items.
Reserve a car:

After you register, you can immediately book a car or reserve it for later use. It's recommended to make advance bookings for busy weekends or holidays. This is when there is high demand for cars.

Pick up & return
Each GoTo car has a designated parking spot. The app will guide you to the car's location. When you finish your ride, return it to the same location.
Report Damages:
Use our app to take photos and report any existing damage quickly. This ensures that your ride is worry-free.
Fuel Up:
If you need fuel, stop at one of the petrol stations. Fuel is included in the price.
With these straightforward steps, you’ll find that accessing a car in Jerusalem is hassle-free. GoTo takes the complexity out of car rental, leaving you to enjoy the journey with ease and convenience.
GoTo's varied vehicle fleet in Jerusalem is designed to meet your every need. Our selection ranges from compact cars, ideal for navigating the city streets and daily commutes, to family-sized 5-seaters, perfect for group outings or family trips. No matter the occasion, we have the right vehicle for you.

In addition to our passenger cars, we offer cargo vans. These are ideal for moving house, big shopping trips to IKEA, or meeting various business transport requirements. With ample space, our cargo vans are a practical solution for both personal and professional needs.
Our vehicles are conveniently located across Jerusalem, from the city centre to Mamilla, the Jerusalem Museum, and the Kfar David neighbourhood, ensuring easy access whenever you need it.

Unlike traditional car rentals, GoTo doesn’t have office hours – our cars are available 24/7, including weekends. Simply rent the car you need through our app at any time of day.

GoTo Car Rental in Jerusalem:
A Fleet for Every Need

Benefits of Choosing GoTo Car Rental in Jerusalem

Whether you're exploring the historic city, studying, or living in Jerusalem, GoTo is your go-to transport solution. Our service is designed to cut costs - no need to own a car when you can easily rent one.
Cost-Effective: Save significantly compared to owning a car.
Accessible: Easily pick up your vehicle from convenient locations in central Jerusalem.
Variety: A diverse fleet to suit different needs, from compact cars to family-sized vehicles.
Convenience: Our cars are available 24/7, ready whenever you need them.
Dedicated Parking: Save time with exclusive parking spots for GoTo cars, eliminating the hassle of finding a spot.
Jerusalem, a city rich in history, continues to be a hub of activity. GoTo offers the flexibility to travel from academic campuses to vibrant markets or sacred sites like the Western Wall seamlessly. Our 24/7 availability means you can rent a car for any journey, any time.

Maximize Savings with Car Rental in Jerusalem

Choosing GoTo's car-sharing service in Jerusalem can be a smarter financial move compared to owning a car, particularly if you only need a vehicle for occasional trips. The cost of owning a car – including maintenance, insurance, and depreciation – can add up quickly, making it an expensive option for infrequent use.

Ready to explore Jerusalem with ease? Download the GoTo app now and start your journey!