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We are GoTo, your business mobility partner. We offer various transport options for city and out-of-town travel to many businesses. We have been leading shared mobility for more than 15 years. With us, you can streamline your business travel planning, management, and reduce costs.

What we offer?
Flexible leasing
Lease a car for a few months and get a better price than a regular car rental. You'll also have more flexible terms than with traditional leasing.
GoTo fleet for business
Reduce costs by replacing company cars with hundreds of vehicles on-demand citywide. Pay only when you use them.

Why choose GoTo?

Wide range
Choose the ideal rental from our wide selection. We offer basic cars, spacious vehicles, and delivery vans.
Cost reduction
Benefit from affordable GoTo prices and save compared to regular rentals, leases, or taxis.
GoTo technology
One account for all employees, seamless bookings, and data dashboards for full visibility.
Flexibility and choice
You can choose from public shared fleet access, dedicated cars, leasing plans, or personalised solutions.

GoTo car sharing for business is great for companies that need extra vehicles. You can manage users and see their rides with the dashboard that comes with it. There is only a three-month commitment. The setup is quick and easy to use. Employees can book vehicles using the GoTo app. It's a simple process that saves time.

GoTo for business: No upfront fees and minimal commitment. Save time and money, and gain the freedom to move anywhere, anytime.

Searching for a car near your business? Need a cargo van or operational leasing?

GoTo offers a variety of solutions tailored to your company's needs. Share your details with us, and we'll reach out with the perfect offer!
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