Service Pricing List

Extra Time and Distance Charges

Weekends/holidays charge:

On weekends and holidays, there is an extra charge of 4₪ per hour or 40₪ per day.

The charges are calculated as follows:

Charges begin one hour before the weekend or holidays start and end one hour before they finish. For instance, on weekends, there is an extra charge from 11 pm on Thursdays to 11 pm on Saturdays (GMT+2).

Young Driver charge:

Young new drivers (ages 18-24) pay an extra 0.5₪ per km.

*To calculate the charges, the time of use is rounded to the nearest hour. All prices include VAT. When you reach the daily rate cap, you will be automatically charged a daily rate. We charge the lower of the two rates, either hourly or daily.
A. Registering for the Service
B. Reservations

Customer service representative-assisted modifications incur an additional fee*

C. Benefits, Refunds and Travel Credits
D. Additional Costs
E. Vehicle Rescue Price List
F. Damages below the Deductible Amount
Will be charged according to the quote for repairing the damages.
G. Deductible Amounts

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