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GoTo is transforming the car rental experience in Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut.

Our app allows you to easily book compact city cars or spacious family vehicles 24/7, without any paperwork hassles.
GoTo Car Rental in Modiin

Why Choose GoTo for Your Car Rental Needs in Modiin?

Traditional car rentals involve lots of forms and restrictions, but GoTo Modiin offers a modern, flexible alternative:

24/7 availability: Our fleet is always ready so you can book anytime, day or night.

Affordability: Just pay for the rental period, with no ownership costs like insurance or maintenance.

Comfortable cars: We offer a well-maintained Kia Picanto - perfect for city driving and parking.

Leave the stresses of transportation behind and experience the simplicity of GoTo car rental in Modiin.

Using GoTo Car Rental in Modiin Step-by-Step

Renting with GoTo in Modiin is incredibly easy:
Download the app and complete a quick registration with your driver's license and payment details.
Use the app to locate and book the nearest available GoTo for your rental period.
The app will guide you to the vehicle's parking location where you can unlock it.
Drive as needed, refuelling at partner gas stations.
Return the car to the same location and lock it using the app when finished.
It’s that simple! No rental counters, no paperwork, no waiting. GoTo gives you the convenience of tapping a few buttons and hitting the road.

GoTo Membership Plans for Modiin Residents

We offer two flexible membership options for Modiin users:

  • Drive Plan: Perfect if you need a car more than twice a month. For just 50 shekels per month, you get discounted rates on all GoTo rentals.
  • Lite Plan: Good for occasional use. Pay 20 shekels per month to get access to the GoTo fleet in Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut whenever you need a car.
The Drive plan makes sense for frequent renters, providing cost savings the more you use GoTo. The Lite plan offers affordable access to supplemental mobility at a low monthly fee.

Whichever plan you choose, GoTo provides the convenience of on-demand transportation without the commitments and costs of car ownership in Modiin.
User-friendly GoTo App – Car Rental in Modiin

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GoTo is perfect for today's on-the-go lifestyle in Modiin. With app-enabled convenience, quality vehicles, and affordable rates, getting behind the wheel is easier than ever before. No more rental counters or complexities - just open the app and drive with GoTo.

Join the growing community in Modiin experiencing the modern way to rent a car by downloading the GoTo app today!

Together, we're not just good. We're good to go!

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