Convenient Car Rental in Herzliya and Nearby Cities with GoTo

Rent a car with GoTo to unlock flexible transportation. The service is available in Herzliya and nearby areas like Raanana, Ramat Hasharon, and Kfar Saba.

Whether you need a vehicle for just an hour or all day, GoTo has you covered with a range of compact city cars and family-sized options.
Car Rental in Herzliya

Why Choose GoTo for Car Rental in Herzliya?

As the Herzliya area continues to grow, dealing with traffic and car ownership expenses gets tougher. GoTo provides an affordable alternative for those local trips when having your own car is impractical.

Our user-friendly app allows you to easily locate and rent an available GoTo car nearby, paying only for the time you need it.

The Smart Choice for Car Rental in Herzliya

Sharing a GoTo car is often cheaper than owning one. This is because insurance and depreciation add up quickly.

A single shared GoTo typically serves 7-10 families. It greatly cuts those burdensome ownership costs. The reality is most personal cars sit parked over 23 hours per day, unused - a huge waste of money.

With GoTo's car rental in Herzliya, you only pay when you're using the vehicle.

The Convenience of GoTo Car Rental in Herzliya

GoTo keeps things simple with easy registration through the app to access cars in Herzliya, Raanana, Ramat Hasharon, and Kfar Saba.

Booking is just as convenient - reserve weeks ahead or grab a last-minute car, with free cancellation up to 6 hours before your trip.

With vehicles strategically located across the area, you're never far from affordable transportation with the advantage of choosing a compact city car for zipping around or a roomier family vehicle as needed.

Using GoTo for Any Occasion

  • Errands or shopping

    Need to stop at the grocery store or have multiple errands around town? Hop in a GoTo for a seamless shopping experience.
  • Out-of-city trips

    A GoTo car makes it easy to get out of the city and enjoy scenic locations any day of the week
  • Commuting

    GoTo is great for commuting to Tel Aviv or other industrial areas.

Go with a Trusted Name

GoTo is an established service operating across Israel and internationally, so you can feel confident in our quality and reliability when renting a car in Herzliya.

Ready to Get Going?

Signing up is fast through the GoTo app. Then simply choose your vehicle - whether a compact city car or a family option - and it'll be ready and waiting, fueled up with a reserved parking spot.
GoTo App - Your Key to Car Rental in Herzliya

Together, we're not just good. We're good to go!

Join the ride

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