Easy and Convenient Van Rental with GoTo

Looking for a van rental for work, a trip, or volunteering? GoTo makes it incredibly easy – just a few taps on the GoTo app and you're set. Find our vans in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ramat Gan, and more.
GoTo Car and Van Rental: Your Journey, Simplified
GoTo stands out in Israel and beyond for its easy and flexible transportation service. Whether you're navigating the city or heading out of town, you can rent a vehicle by the hour or day, whenever you need it.
GoTo Van Rental in Israel

Here’s How GoTo Works:

Our cars and vans are conveniently located in private parking areas. With the GoTo app, you can quickly book a vehicle and start driving right away – no waiting for office hours.

Plus, if you’re planning ahead, you can reserve a vehicle up to three months in advance, perfect for those busy days when vans are in high demand. It’s car rental on your terms, made simple and hassle-free.

Our Fleet: Ready for Every Need

Our diverse fleet includes fuelled, insured, and well-maintained vehicles.

We believe in simplicity: download our app, register, and you're ready to hit the road. Our fleet comprises basic, family, and commercial vans, each parked in reserved spots for easy pick-up and return, available 24/7.

GoTo Van Rental: A Vehicle for Every Need

Whether you need to transport bulky items or you are planning a family outing, GoTo's van rental service has the right vehicle for your needs. Our fleet includes both spacious family passenger vans for comfortable travel and practical delivery cargo vans for hauling goods.

Our delivery vans are perfect for various big tasks. Moving to a new house? Picking up large purchases from stores like IKEA? Or maybe you need a reliable vehicle for your business to service clients? GoTo vans are here to help. Architects needing to transport large items to client sites, event organizers requiring a van to carry equipment - our vans suit all these scenarios and more.

For family trips or group outings, our passenger vans offer ample space and comfort. No need to split into multiple cars or worry about coordinating travel plans. Everyone can travel together, making your journey not just easier, but more enjoyable too.

In times of need, GoTo's commercial vans are a vital resource for volunteers across the country. When it comes to transporting goods to various destinations, our vans offer a real-time solution. Conveniently located at various pick-up points, they're readily available to support community efforts and make a difference.

Affordable Van Rental with GoTo

At GoTo, we understand the importance of budget-friendly solutions for your transportation needs. That's why our van rental service is not just affordable, but also incredibly flexible. Whether you need a van for just an hour or a longer period, we've got you covered. With fuel costs and basic insurance included in our pricing, you get more value for your money.

For businesses, particularly those requiring delivery vans, GoTo offers a no-brainer solution. Many of our customers, who need vans for weekly tasks, find that renting from us is far more economical than owning a van. Why tie up capital in a vehicle that's parked 90% of the time? With GoTo, you pay as you use, making it a smart choice for managing business expenses effectively.

Our clients save thousands of shekels annually by choosing GoTo over owning a van. The cost benefits are clear – there's no need to worry about the hefty expenses of maintenance, repairs, and insurance that come with owning a van. Plus, there's the added hassle of managing these aspects, which we take off your hands.

Your next trip, office move, or volunteering effort is just an app download away. With GoTo, van rental in Israel is not just convenient; it's a smart choice.

Together, we're not just good, We're good to go

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