Business Model Pricing

*Additional weekend and holiday fares: 4₪/hr, 40₪/day

Weekend: Thursday 23:00 to Saturday 23:00

Additional charge applies for holidays from 1 hour before it starts to 1 hour after it ends, rounded to the nearest hour.

Young new driver (ages 18-24 with a driving experience of one year at least) - an additional fee of 0.5per 1 km.

  • Rental hours per day capped at the daily rental cost. All prices include VAT
A. Registering for the service
B. Reservations
C. Benefits, Refunds and Travel Credits in the account
D. Additional costs
E. Vehicle rescue price list – new
F. Damages below the deductible amount
Will be charged according to the quote for repairing the damages
G. Damages above the deductible amount