Car User’s Manual GoTo

We are glad that you’ve decided to join GoTo - a community of tens of thousands of drivers who enjoy transportation security at any time and as needed.

GoTo has been the largest and leading cooperative car service in Israel for 14 years. We have hundreds of vehicles at our disposal – spread across an expansive area. Through our service, you can easily rent a car for an hour, a few hours or a whole day.

So, how does it work?

1. Ordering a car:

With us, you can go on a spontaneous immediate trip or easily plan a future trip – it’s up to you!

To order a car immediately, enter the application, select the nearest vehicle from the vehicle map, and you’re good to go.

A confirmation of the order will be sent to your email address.

Planning a future trip? Select "future trip" in the app, choose the date, hours and type of vehicle according to your location and set off. Vehicles can be reserved up to three months in advance.

2. Inspecting the car:

We recommend you do a small tour with the vehicle before the trip just to ensure there is no problem/damage. If you happen to detect any damage or problem before starting your trip, kindly report to us via the app.

3. Starting your trip:

The car doors can be opened easily via two methods, either through the app or through the smart card. The smart card can be found in the glove box before the first trip. Note that it is personal and non-transferable. The smart card will help to open and close the vehicle in cases of lack of reception or mobile phone battery. In order to associate the smart card with your account, scan the QR code located on the inner door on the driver's side.

4. Designated parking:

Each GoTo vehicle has a dedicated parking space. Take a car from a reserved parking lot and return it to the same parking lot from which it was taken. Be sure to park in these parking lots only.

You must return the vehicle with at least a quarter of a tank of fuel. You can refuel for free at any of the major gas stations: Paz, Delek, Dor Alon, Sonol and Ten. You will even receive a NIS 10 credit for it in the following month automatically.

5. End of trip:

Completed your journey? Remember to press the "end trip" button. This will end the trip and releases the vehicle for those coming after you.

A few more important points before you set off:

- Smoking is prohibited in our vehicles in order to ensure a pleasant shared vehicle experience.

- Driving on public transport lanes is strictly prohibited

- Be sure to return the vehicle on time. If necessary, you can extend the order through the edit button in the application or through our service center at *8255

- Anyone who is not registered in our system as a driver is strictly prohibited from driving the service vehicles.

Our customer service is available 24/7 at your service