Ebike and kick scooter User’s Manual


Leasing and using our electric bicycles is only permitted from age 18+, upon presentation of a valid license.

When you book one of our electric bicycles, our safety guidelines will be displayed, and you will have to approve them.

They are designed to protect you and wish you a pleasant, safe and legal ride.

The helmet attached to the bicycle can be released using a code you will receive on the app, and locked again at the end of your ride using the same code.

During the ride, you may notice changes to the speed of the bicycle, in accordance with the area. You may wish to check permitted areas and reduced speed areas on the app in advance, and plan your trip accordingly.

Protect and maintain the bicycle for those who use it after you, wear a helmet, ride only on bike paths when possible, and be careful. The basket carries up to 10 kg.

Pleasant ride!!

So, how do we start?

The service is available through the GoTo app in the app stores. All you need to do is download the app, select electric bicycle in the home screen and sign up for the service.

How much does it cost?

The service is charged per minute (0.7₪/minute + 4.9₪ base fee). Subscribers of our car service on the LITE and DRIVE tracks will not be charged the base fee. Upon termination of the trip, an invoice will be sent to the email address provided at registration.

Unlocking and Locking Bicycle

One pair of bicycle can be booked on each phone. Unlocking the bicycle is done by scanning the QR code found on the bicycle, using Bluetooth. Be sure to have your Bluetooth on while making the booking. Termination of trip will be done in the same way.

What can you do when the bicycle will not unlock?

Restart the GoTo app and scan the QR code on the bicycle again. If there is an error, it will appear on the app (for example, if the bicycle had already been booked).

Still doesn't work? You may press the icon on the bottom right hand of the screen and report this bicycle as “faulty”.

Where can I park the bicycle after ending my trip?

You may park the bicycle in the designated facilities around town, as shown on the app.

When do I stop being charged for the trip?

The booking ends and charging stops from the moment you press “End Trip” on the app, park at an authorized spot and photograph the helmet and the bicycle. Once you have completed all the above actions, an invoice will be sent summarizing the time and cost of the ride.

How can I report a faulty bicycle?

Have you come across a faulty bicycle? (broken pedal, missing bell or anything else). We would be very happy if you report this to us, so we can take care of it as quickly as possible.

Can I talk to a customer service representative?

Sure. The easiest and most convenient way is to contact us through the app or send an email on info.il@gotoglobal.com

Kick Scooter

Who is eligible to join the electric scooter service?
Joining the electric scooter service is permitted to people aged 18 and above, subject to presentation of a valid license.

How do you join the service?
The scooters on the sharing service are branded yellow and blue.
To join the service, please scan the QR code on the handle bar and download the GoTo app. Select the scooter service, register easily and set out on your way. Existing subscribers will be able to see the service on the app.

How much does it cost?
The service is priced based on travel time: 0.88 NIS per minute (or part of it) with an additional base fee of 3 NIS per trip. All prices include VAT

Where can you find available scooters?
You can find our scooters on the map using the GoTo app. We operate throughout the Gush-Dan area: Holon, Bat-Yam, Yahud, Bnei-Brak, Kiryat-Ono, Ramat-Gan, Givatyim and Tel-Aviv.

So, how do you start riding?
Scan the QR code on the handle bar (at night, simply turn on the light in the scanning device to see the QR code). Check the status of the battery before you start a ride. You can see the battery status on the app, as a blue line appearing above the scooter icon, or on the handle bar display, where you can also check your riding speed.
Place one foot on the scooter and push twice using the other foot to start riding, push the speed handle and place both your feet on the scooter. Push the brakes (in the front or in the back) to slow down and to stop. You must wear a helmet, and ride only in designated bike paths. You may stop over anywhere within the service area, at the normal price (0.88 NIS per minute, or part of it). Please note, you may only activate one scooter at a time on your account.

How do you release the helmet?
In case there is a helmet attached to the scooter, it is possible to unlock and lock it. Upon scanning the scooter, a screen will open explaining how to unlock the helmet. Upon termination of your ride, you will be prompted and asked to return the helmet to it’s position. Loss of a helmet, or failure to return it to its position will incur a 100 NIS fine.

What is the speed limit?
The speed is restricted according to the area’s permitted speed limits. You can view the various areas and speed limits on the app.
Reduced speed area - in these areas, the speed will decrease automatically, in compliance with regulations set by the local municipalities. In prohibited areas, the speed will decrease gradually until the scooter stops completely.

Unlocking and Locking of the scooter:
The scooter can be unlocked by scanning the QR code found on the handle bar. Rides can be terminated by clicking the terminate ride button on the app and taking a snapshot of the scooter. Photographing the scooter is obligatory, and will only be possible in permitted parking areas. The helmet must be returned to its designated place, as required. Failing to execute the above actions, including photographing the scooter, will mean that the ride has not been terminated and you will continue to be charged.
If for any reason you are unable to end your ride - our app will do it automatically after 5 minutes of the scooter being immobile.

I could not unlock the scooter
Restart the GoTo app and scan the QR code located on the handle bar again. If there is an error, it will appear on the app (for example, if the bicycle had already been booked / make sure the BT is open). Still doesn't work? Contact our customer service on 077-9577070

Where can a ride be terminated?
You may end your ride at any designated parking spot around town (Holon, Bat-Yam, Yahud, Bnei-Brak, Kiryat-Ono, Ramat-Gan, Givatyim and Tel-Aviv). The parking spots will also be shown on the app. You may stop over anywhere within the service area.

When do I stop being charged for the trip?
Following parking and photographing the scooter, you may press the “terminate ride” button. The invoice will be sent to your registered email and include the travel time and cost. If the system identifies a scooter that is immobile for over 5 minutes, it automatically terminates the ride. You will be charged for the travel time + 5 minutes.

How can I report a faulty scooter?
Our service hot line operates 24/7, and you may contact us at 077-9577070.

How do you contact customer service?
You may contact us through “contact us” on the app / on email info.il@gotoglobal.com / on 077-9577070.

I’ve received travel credit, where can I see it?
There is an icon in the top right of the GoTo app home screen, by clicking on it you can see the credit amount. The travel credit is for travel time only, and cannot be used for the subscription fee or km. If the credit appears underneath a specific vehicle icon, then it is valid only for that vehicle, and if underneath the multicolor icon, it is valid for all vehicles in the service. The credit will be used automatically when you travel, and it will be shown in the invoice.