Terms and Conditions for Customer Referral Program

General: Subscribers to the GoTo application operated by GoTo Global Mobility Ltd. (hereinafter, the "Company") may receive a credit/coupon benefit to be used against a charge for travel time only, as part of the GoTo services, in whole or in part, according to the Company's decision from time to time (hereinafter : "Travel Credit"), by referring new customers who will join GoTo Services according and subject to all the conditions of this regulation (hereinafter : "Referral"), and who will also receive a Travel Credit as stated above, in accordance with the conditions of this regulation and subject to its provisions.
  1. "Referring Subscriber " - A Subscriber that has an active GoTo account.
  2. "Referred Subscriber" - is a person who was not previously subscribed to GoTo Services and/or Car2Go Services who has successfully completed the GoTo registration process using the Referring Subscriber’s unique coupon code, and has an active GoTo account in accordance with the Company's Terms and Conditions, and has completed at least one trip with GoTo, within 14 days of registering to GoTo services.

Mode of participation
3. A button to direct a friend will appear in the side menu of the GoTo app. A Referring Subscriber will be able to send a friend or friends a sharing invitation to join GoTo services. The message can be sent by various means, such as a text message, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., according to the choice of the Referring Subscriber. As part of the referral invitation, the customer (recipient of the invitation) will be accepted.

4. The credit amount for the Referring Subscriber and the Referred Subscriber will be displayed in the referral notice sent by the Referring Subscriber to the Referred Subscriber upon sharing.

5. As soon as the customer who received the invitation joins GoTo services, he must enter the unique coupon code he received during the registration for GoTo services in order to complete the referral. Failure to enter the unique coupon code as aforesaid will not allow the referred recipient to become a "Referred Subscriber" (as defined above) and thus the Referring Subscriber will not be able to enjoy the benefit of travel credits.

6. The Referred Subscriber will receive travel credits in the amount as shown in the GoTo app, when sharing with the Referring Subscriber, using GoTo services and all the vehicles it operates in Israel for only two weeks from the date of registration to GoTo services including entering the coupon code in the app.

7. The Referring Subscriber shall receive travel credits when using any vehicles operated by GoTo in Israel for a period of only two weeks from the moment the Referred Subscriber makes a first trip in one of the vehicles operated by GoTo in Israel.

8. GoTo may, at its sole discretion, determine the amounts of travel credits given the Referring Subscriber and to the Referred Subscriber, the applicable conditions, use and validity of the travel credits granted under the benefit, and may change them from time to time by amending these regulations.

9. The travel credit is given only once to each Referred Subscriber. It is clarified that the Referring Subscriber can refer additional customers to GoTo services, and as soon as one of them becomes a Referred Subscriber, the Referring Subscriber will once again enjoy a travel credit for the referral.

10. The travel credit provided as part of this benefit is valid only for travel using GoTo services, and only applicable to travel time. Without derogating from the aforesaid, the travel credit cannot be used for distance traveled (km) or for the purpose of paying a subscription fee.

11. No double promotional deals is possible- It is not possible to use the travel credit in combination with other credits/coupons and/or other promotions.

12. GoTo's travel credit cannot be converted into cash or for any refund.

13. If the Company, at its sole discretion, discovers, or has reasonable suspicion that a Referring Subscriber or a Referred Subscriber is abusing their travel credit, or that the travel credit was given under incorrect circumstances, the Company may then charge the Subscriber the amount paid out through travel credit.

14. The records of the Company and/or recorded by anyone on its behalf, will constitute conclusive evidence regarding the delivery and/or collection and/or processing of data/details as part of the benefit, and no claim may be made regarding the correctness and/or accuracy of the data, including regarding the amounts credits forthe Referring Subscriber, the Referred Subscriber, periods, etc.

15. The Company may change and/or update the regulations at any time, at its sole discretion and without prior notice. For any question and problem, contact the service center at *8255.

16. The Company reserves the right to determine and/or change, and/or extend, and/or shorten the period of the benefit granted, and/or cancel it for any reason, and the participants will not have the right to sue and/or make a claim against the Company, and/or anyone on its behalf in this regard.

17. The provisions of this regulation supersede any other published provisions as regards benefit.

18. The wording of the regulation refers to "male" and "female" gender, and vice versa.

19. Only the competent courts in Tel Aviv-Jaffa have exclusive local jurisdiction to rule on any matter relating to the benefit and/or the interpretation of the provisions of this regulation.

Errors and Omissions Excepted