Nice To Meet You
Nice To Meet You

We are GoTo

A shared multimodal mobility service operating in Israel and globally. We are a community of tens of thousands of people who share a variety of vehicles without compromising on convenience, flexibility and freedom of movement.

We provide transportation confidence to anyone who has to get around in and outside the city with several types of vehicles, easily, independently and precisely when you need it.

It works like this - after downloading the app you sign up for the service and you’re on your way, anytime and as much as you need.

Our solution provides cars with insurance and gas in the tank, cars that passed the vehicle licensing test and undergo yearly and ongoing maintenance. Our idea is simple, the cars are located in designated parking spaces, so that you take the car and return it to these parking spaces without having to look for parking, and you can order a car 24/7 through the app.

GoTo service meets the needs of both the private and business sectors. We offer a range of service packages to fit different needs, whether you plan to travel outside the city or get around in the city with a bicycle, return from an important meeting or arrange for the mobility of company employees.

What are the advantages of a shared multimodal service?

1) Significant travel expense savings compared to a private car or a second family car.

2) Combines several vehicle types in one app and one subscription.

3) 24/7 service availability, widely dispersed in main cities.

4) Select the vehicle that suits your need, or combine them! Car, mechanical bicycles, transport vehicles and electric bicycles.

5) Reduces heavy traffic in and outside the city – with one car used by several drivers throughout the day.

6) Save time looking for parking, passing the licensing test, shopping for insurance and dealing with all the hassle of owning your own car.